What are You?

Good morning sweetest

In Milan it’s still sunny and my energy level is even higher! I was in the mood for some new outfits, so I got lost in my closet trying to pull out something new. At a certain point the doorbell rang and I had no time to change my clothes.. Now, the postman for sure thinks I’m crazy, who gets dressed like this at 9:00 am?! However, I was so happy when I saw a huge pack for me, I had no idea what it could be.. Maybe a surprise from my husband, aww! Dyson Allergy Parquet* Well.. It’s a nice huge “thing”…Dyson Allergy Parquet Vacuum cleaner* Beautiful color…vacuum dyson allergy parquetIt moves back and forth and makes noise… Dyson vacuum*                                                             WHAT ARE YOU ????                                        *      

Oh wait, there is something on the label..  -DYSON”-  ..vacuum cleaner DysonOh My Lord! You are a vacuum cleaner, noooo..dyson cleaner*                                                - Stay Away From Me-                                                  *