Valentine’s Day

Good morning loves!

I picked the perfect day to be back, right?!

Even if I’m not a fan of V. Day I like a bit of romanticism around and the day started in the sweetest way!

image I prepared some delicious love chocolate… I love raw cacao butter, it has no sugar and you can create all kind of sweets and different flavors in a healthy way. However, if that sounds too complicated just grab a classic chocolate bar, slowly melt it in a pan and pour the liquid mixture in your heart-shaped mould, you can add in whatever you prefer: nuts, seeds, dried fruits.. you name it.image Put in the fridge and let cool, that simple!!image I made both white and dark chocolate, some topped with lavender and dried roses and in 30mins these babes were ready to taste. They melt like no others and they are so cute for some love time with your date or… even better, you single ladies can wash them down all by yourself with a glass of something bubbly while dancing on your bed (no one is watching). imageHowever you spent the day remember to give some extra LOVE…to your partner, your friends and above all toYourself!

                                       Have a wonderful day! 

Cartier for Breakfast

Good morning humans!

Whoever said cats are lazy must have been a dog owner.. not only we’re not lazy but we also have great skills in the kitchen. 

This morning we prepared breakfast for mom and dad, we know they love benedict eggs and not to boast about it but we nailed it!
Lately we’ve been quite naughty and we wanted to make it up to dad, so we got him a little something!
It’s not even Christmas yet but dad deserved it, he always buy us cookies and cuddles us.imageimageimageIt’s crystal clear we are the real gifts in daddy’s life but we would do anything for more cookies and we figured out that gifts work amazingly if you want to buy a man ;)imageimageWhatever… now we are tired, it’s been a busy morning and we have to recuperate the hours of sleep.

Take care people!

Pawsy fluffy hugs,

Rosa&Indiana J.

Festive Milan!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are enjoying the Christmas preparations and you’re already feeling the festive spirit! All gifts are packed (I moved early this year) so it was time for my deserved tour through Christmas stalls.The Duomo Square put its lights on to cheer us up…There were all kinds of food around…

…and I might have grabbed one (or two) just to warm me up you know ;PAll the boutiques were well dressed but there was one who stole my heart..the one&only Cartier Boutique!  A huge red ribboned box promises good… How could I possibly deny myself a walk in?I left husband at the bar and sneaked around…Cartier is kinda my candyland  and I tend to put my hands in the jam jar all the time, it’s stronger than me! All that gold and diamonds around have an influence on me, I had to bring something home :) …But it’s a surprise can’t say more, shhh.

All in all it was a nice evening and those lights are the one to blame for loosing my control.

Did you manage to finish your gifts or are you still rushing?

Welcome December

Aww, Monday sweet Monday!

We are already in December I can’t believe how quickly we got here, it’s already time to pick presents for family and friends and get ready for Christmas!
It gets harder and harder to pick the right gift for everyone and I still have to find out the perfect gift for my husband… at least I’ve my ideas clear on what I want for Christmas ;)
So now I’m here, doing my online researches with a delicious snack… yep, it requires a lot of energy clicking on images :P

Yesterday, I was a little baking monster, I spent hours in the kitchen and came out with these: some dangerously delicious “fette al latte”, you can’t even imagine how soft and light they are. To help you get the idea: have you ever seen those tv spots where they eat something really tasty and they close their eyes and there is a jingle that takes you in heaven? That’s how these little babes taste, like heaven.

The chocolate base is incredibly smooth (special recipe) and the filling is so fresh, on top I added some shredded coconut for a twist. They are extremely addictive, once you pupils tasted them you won’t be able to live without them. I enjoy them with a cup of my homemade almond milk.

I bet Indiana would give up all his toys for a bite :)

…well I guess I could bake some more for Christmas!

Wish you a wonderful day ❤️

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